When I was sixteen I took the first big trip of my life. I had been going through a hard time and wasn’t really happy with myself or the world around me. I was sad. Being sad is not a permanent state of mind, but I, being so young, didn’t know that at the time. I needed something to bring me out of my own head, something that would open my eyes to all the wonderful things in the world. That thing turned out to be travel.

My love affair with travel goes back beyond my teenage years. My mind has always looked beyond my current situation, my current state of being. The world is so big, so indefinitely new that to only look at my immediate surroundings seems like giving up. Even as a kid, I knew that there was always something new to explore and that knowledge has always brought me excitement. When I became lost, I found myself again through travel.

My mom, as most moms tend to be is a very perceptive woman when it comes to her child. She could tell that something was going very wrong with her teenage daughter and decided to do something about it in a positive, creative way. So she booked a trip. And for that one decision I will forever be grateful. London to Los Angeles and from there, Hawaii, Tahiti and Bora Bora. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know that that one trip would change my life. But it did. And no words can explain how happy I am that it did.

Since that pivotal trip I’ve made a goal to see as much of the world as  I can. To say yes to places I didn’t think I wanted to see. To be open to new ways of life and accepting of those around me. I moved to California and back again, and have since decided to see as much of Europe as possible,  before my next big adventure. Come 2017 I will be moving to Canada to explore even more of North America and immerse myself in yet another way of life.

So travel has become an essential and important part of my life and my being. It’s shown me that the world, even though it’s so big, is not as scary as I once thought. It’s revealed to me time and again the kindness of strangers and the potential I have within myself to always become a better person. Travel has and continues to open my mind. I am happy when I travel. So traveling is what I plan to do.

Good vibes,





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